Daily Forecasts

All forecasts are experimental, and their quality has not been verified. Do not use for any purpose other than research and education.

Quick links to forecast products: f33 (reference).

The salinity forecast animation above is for the current day and divided into four areas. The left side is a wide scale map of surface salinity. The image next to it is focused on the area around the plume created by discharge from the Columbia River. The top right shows the surface salinity and the lower right shows the bottom salinity in the Columbia River. This animation is derived from the current reference forecast and is updated daily.
Among the capabilities of the Virtual Columbia River are daily forecasts of 4D (space-time) circulation. The primary goal of these forecasts is to assist near real-time planning and interpretation of scientific field campaigns. Domain, length of simulation and timing of execution vary with the actual forecast — as does forecast skill.

Forecasts are maintained and evaluated year-round, in part to allow the continuous assessment and enhancement of their prediction skill, and in part as a service to the scientific community and educators. During campaigns, and upon request, a land-based modeling team operates in support of chief scientists aboard vessels. Support includes guidance in the use and interpretation of forecasts, product customization and in-depth assessment of skill.

Our forecasts are transitioned to 24/4 operations through NOAA PORTS.