QA/QC Turbidity

by | Sep 22, 2014

Sensor Information:
We currently deploy three types of sensors which measure turbidity. These are summarized in the following table:

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WETLabs ECO FLNTU (& puck) Turner Designs Cyclops 7 MultiExciter2
Excitation Wavelength 700 nm 850 nm 880 nm
Detection Measures scatter at 80-85° Measures scatter at 90° Near IR backscattering
Sensor Format Outward looking Flow through Outward looking

1 As part of a LOBO mooring

Data Units:
The FLNTU and MulitExciter are calibrated against formazine solutions whereas the Turner Designs sensors are sensors are not factory calibrated and the data from these sensors are currently in relative fluorescent units (rfu).

QA/QC protocols:
Our current quality control measures rely primarily on regular sensor cleanings and manufacturer calibration.  Calibrations are monitored with regular DI readings at Saturn-03 and Saturn-04 and with pre-deployment and post-deployment DI readings with sensors deployed at other stations.

Turbidity QA/QC Archive

Link Dates Description
s1_turb01 4/13/08 – 6/15/12 calibration quality evaluation
s4-turb01 9/23/09 – 5/1/16 QC detials
s3-turb01 8/1/20 – 3/1/21 corrections for recurrent fouling episodes
s7-turb01 1/1/15 – 5/1/16 QC details (Turner Designs Cyclops 7  turbidity)
s9-turb01 9/8/14 – 5/1/16 QC details (Turner Designs Cyclops 7  turbidity)